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Created for a colourful life, Melbourne designer Cat Hammill’s eponymous sweat label is designed to make its legion of loyal customers feel as good and vibrant as they look in her garments.

‘Sparking joy’ is this clever creative’s raison d’etre – a philosophy reflected in her bright colourful collection of relaxed fitted sweats, tees, track pants  and new slouchy denim.

“I didn’t want just another sweat brand, I wanted a brand that my customers fall in love with, want more of, and are proud to wear,” says Cat.

It is this passion and energy that is synonymous with the label from her signature use of a rainbow, and all the glorious optimism that provides, to her soulful words of inspiration and hope that are sprinkled across her garments.

“I wanted my brand to reflect my style and attitude. Every piece I design is authentic and celebrates our relaxed, Aussie way of life.”

It’s been her organic growth that has allowed Cat to grow her brand carefully and thoughtfully and staying true to our core values.   

Creative to her core, Cat Hammill’s loungewear brand was conceived in 2016 when her son was one. For the 10 years prior to that, Cat had created a hugely successful jewellery line of equally bright and fun chunky bracelets.


As a brand, we take every aspect of our design and manufacturing process very seriously!

From the design, sourcing, and production processes we look at everything being affected by it, from the environment, to our factories and communities where it’s produced, to the end consumer!


We work with two family owned Fair Trade Certified small factories.  Both manufacturers pride themselves on looking after their staff, facilities and working conditions and their employee standards are of the highest level!

Dyes, hazardous chemicals and finishes from the manufacturing process are not dangerous to the workers or the environment. We use only low impact dyes  for our clothing which follow very strict standards.

We love what we do everyday and feel blessed that we can pass on our love of producing cool clothes that can make you feel special and empowered!

Always stay true to you, dreams do come true and Stay Cool and Beautiful!

Love Cat and my team of awesome chicks x